Health Benefits Of Figs Or Anjeer And More

I. Facts About Figs

As said before, figs are a type of Asian fruits that grows on the Ficus carica (the Ficus tree), known as a member belonging to the Mulberry family. [1] In fact, figs range dramatically in both subtly and color in texture, which depends upon the variety. Biologists show that most varieties of figs are dried. They can be dried by naturally exposing to sunlight or experiencing an artificial process in order to create a product that is not only sweet but also nutritious for your body and you can enjoy it throughout the year. However, if you can enjoy a fresh fig, you can feel how unique in its flavor. So, if have any chance, you should try to take some fresh figs and taste them.

II. Health Benefits Of Figs

The uniqueness in flavor and texture may properly be the fundamental for a wide range of health benefits of gigs, in general. That leads scientists and nutritionists go and investigate more about this special fruit. Luckily, they found that health benefits of figs are so various and amazing. Now is the time for us to have more information on this side of figs fruits.

1. Reducing Cholesterol Level And Supporting Digestion

One of the most important health benefits of figs is its ability to lower the level of unhealthy cholesterol. [2] Actually, figs contain a significant amount of pectin, which is known as a soluble fiber. As you know, when fiber moves through our digestive system, it will mop up many excess clumps of unhealthy cholesterol and help to eliminate them out of the body by carrying them to your excretory system. Not surprisingly, pectin contained in figs, with the function of a soluble fiber, can stimulate healthy bowel movements. Moreover, because figs are the fiber-dense foods, they are proved to possess a laxative impact. Usually, we often hear that a high concentration of fiber in your regular diet will support your digestive system. So, don’t forget to add figs to your diet regularly because of various health benefits of figs you may not know.

2. Good For Diabetic Patients

Absolutely, a diabetic patient has to follow a very strict diet. Eventually, their diet might not be delicious at all. In this case, fruits can help and one of the health benefits of figs is supporting diabetic people. Actually, the American Diabetes Associations have recommended people eating figs because they act as a high fiber treat promoting functional control of diabetes. [3] Interestingly, fig leaves are able to reduce the level of insulin that diabetic patients who often have to take insulin injections. Besides, figs are significant in potassium, which has the ability to regulate the level of sugar in your blood. It means that potassium will help you to manage the amount of sugar absorbed into your body after meals. Therefore, if you use figs as your dessert, you can get the health benefits of figs, generally. In short, figs fruits contribute to turning diabetics live into a normal life. If you are having a headache with your diabetic diet, you can consider this special fruit.

3. Preventing Coronary Heart Disease


There are different forms of heart disease that people cannot control all of them, among which coronary heart disease is such a common one. Patients can seek for different treatments from medication along with healthy diet as well. However, preventing it is always recommended rather than treating it. As a result, you are advised to take care of your heart in advance to be diagnosed. As mentioned, a healthy diet plays an important role in protecting your heart, we thus suppose you to eat figs for such reasons. Actually, on an issue of American Family Physician article posted in May 1998, it recommended that in addition to changing your diet, you are advised to go to a doctor and ask about a regular exercise program and pursue a positive living manner. Smoking should be quitted, overweight should be reduced as well, for example . An interesting fact is that dried figs provide us Omega-3, Omega-6, and phenol, which reduce the incurrence of coronary heart disease. In addition, fig leaves also possess some of the health benefits of figs thanks to its significant effect on triglycerides level in one’s system. Researchers have found that fig leaves had the inhibitory effect on triglycerides and reduced the overall amount of triglycerides, which are known as another dangerous factor behind a range of heart diseases as well.

In general, figs can help you to prevent from coronary heart disease so that you should consider adding this fruit to your regular diet. No preventing method better that having a healthy diet for your own. Don’t forget this unique-tasted fruit.



4. Reducing Risk Of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer

Another of health benefits of figs is reducing the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer. That is because of the richness in fiber content it serves. In fact, this huge fiber content can protect against breast cancer. After menopause, there might be a fluctuation in the hormonal balance in women. Hormones will affect your immune system that allows the ability of antioxidants to become fight free radicals, which are categorized as prime factors leading to cancers development in your body. Generally, figs have the ability to take care of an extra line of defense thanks to a high concentration of fiber.

Do you know anything about post-menopausal breast cancer? An article named Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice published a study on post-menopausal breast cancer in January 2014, which showed that breast cancer is known as the most common cancer in women all over the world. Especially, the burden of breast cancer is predicted to rise more than 2 million new cases per year by 2030. [5] Specifically, in India, the incidence of this cancer is increasing (29%), which is ranked second in the list of the most commonly diagnosed cancer occurring in women. Among 100 female patients involved in the study, 48 people were premenopausal while 52 had reached menopause. According to the study, the mean age of patients who present for breast carcinoma is about 10 years earlier than that of Western patients. In short, breast cancer is very common and dangerous health issue, thereby being advised to acknowledge more about this cancer.

In conclusion, among many health benefits of figs, the ability to protect you from breast cancer can be a regarded as an important one.

5. Building Bones Health

As you know, bones health will be boosted when we provide our body a sufficient amount of bone-building vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. It is undeniable that calcium plays the most important in boosting bones health. Fortunately, figs contain a good amount of calcium that contributes to developing your bones. An inclusion of figs in your diet is not a bad idea for your bones health.

6. Preventing Constipation

Health benefits of figs are various. Preventing constipation is not an exception. As you know, a high concentration of fiber is loaded with figs. In fact, there are around 5 grams of dietary fiber served in every three-fig serving. That promotes healthy and regular bowel function as well as prevents you from constipation. Eating fresh figs could be a good solution for this digestive problem. However, if you have dried figs, you are also able to treat constipation with this remedy by consuming 2-3 soaked dried figs together with a tablespoon of organic honey every morning. You need to follow this tip for a month to relieve constipation.

7. Supporting Weight Loss

Among many health benefits of figs, women may be interested in this one most because it helps them to lose weight

Once again, fiber is also the essential factor that affects the benefits of figs. Due to the high amount of fiber, figs are recommended for obese people reducing weight. Nevertheless, because of the high level of calories, figs, sometimes, will get you gain weight, especially, when you eat with milk. Nutritionists recommend that a few figs will be sufficient in nutrients. You are thus supposed not to overdo it.


III. Benefits Of Figs For Skin

In addition to improving your health, figs are also a good solution for skin care. Like other fruits, it contains so many vitamins and minerals, among which there are a huge amount of essential elements for skin care. If you are curious and want to have fresh and pure skin, you should not skip this part.

For instance, many essential vitamins and minerals such as B, C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium all help to boost and rejuvenate your skin’s health. Especially, the high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acid-loaded in figs can keep your skin well-moisturized and conditioned deep inside. That contributes to giving you glowing and elastic skin.

Besides, the skin benefits of figs are viewed as a treatment for acne [6]. People have found that if we use fresh figs to make a face mask and apply it, you can cure acne. All the things you need to do is mash the fresh fig and to apply to your skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Another recipe can be used is to get the milky juice of its stem and leaves. Then apply it to cure warts. Repeating several times per day, you will have the best result.

Other forms of skin inflammation including boils and abscess can also be treated with the amazing benefits of figs. You are suggested to apply baked fig on your skin and let it do all the things. This method can help you to cure minor zits as well as pimples. Furthermore, fig juice can be applied on your feet in order to cure corns as well.


A fact you may not know is that figs are fully loaded with antioxidants along with dietary fiber, which creates the laxative benefits of figs for your body. It contributes to flushing out waste and toxins from your body. As a result, it prevents acne, psoriasis, and turns back the healthy and glowing skin to you.

Recipe 1: Fig face mask


  • Fresh figs: a few
  • Yogurt: 1 tablespoon


  • Process figs and yogurt in a mixer to make a paste
  • Apply the solution on your skin and gently massage it within a few minutes
  • Then maintain for 15 minutes more before rinsing off with lukewarm water
  • Note: if you do not have any fresh figs, you can soak dried ones in water and leave them overnight.

Recipe 2: Homemade scrub


  • Powdered sugar: 1 tablespoon
  • Orange juice: 2 tablespoons
  • Fig paste: 2 tablespoons
  • Olive oil: a few drops


  • Mix all the ingredients together and gently scrub your skin
  • Do this on a weekly basis to remove dead skin and mildly polish the skin

Recipe 3: Lightening your skin

Ingredients: sufficient amount of each ingredient

  • Powdered oatmeal
  • Dried ginger powder
  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Fig paste


  • Mix all ingredients together and stir to make a smooth paste
  • Apply on your skin and leave for a while before rinsing off
  • Do this twice a week to have even-toned skin

Recipe 4:

Not only the flesh but also the peel of figs is beneficial because it contains an active enzyme acting as an exfoliator for your skin. Therefore, you can scrub your skin with the fig peel to get rid of dead cells and to get the flawless and smooth skin as well.

Last but not least, experts have found that figs also have the moisturizing effect on your skin thanks to a high concentration of water it carries. Hence, many people use this fruit as a moisturizer. You are also recommended applying the mashed fig on your lips in order to alleviate cracked lips. That will be a great tip for you.


IV. Hair Benefits Of Figs

It would be a big mistake if we do not tell you about the benefits of figs for hair care. As you know, vitamin C and E play an essential role in fighting hair loss problem as well as maintain the health of your hair. Both of them are contained in figs, actually. That helps to promote hair growth and strengthen your hair. Moreover, the high concentration of magnesium, another hair-friendly nutrient also contributes to the hair benefits of figs. Particularly, it stimulates blood circulation and thus accelerates hair growth. If you are having the hair loss problem, you should not ignore out recommendation. Besides, fresh figs contain a remarkable level of calcium, which is known as a contributor to the process of forming collagen. As a result, this fruit will help to make up your hair and scalp.

An interesting fact that you may not know is that figs are one of the popular ingredients in the hair care products because its extract can be used as an amazing hair conditioner. Specifically, figs’ extract can moisturize the scalp and detangle hair without making it weighed down or heavy. Especially, for those girls who have a wavy, curly, or coarse hair, fig oil is known as the great hair care product because it rehydrates your hair to make it shiny, lustrous, and manageable. You are supposed to add a few drops of fig essential oil to your homemade hair mask and take care of your hair. You can also combine fig oil with conditioner to improve your hair health.

In conclusion, figs are beneficial for your hair so that you should not skip this special ingredient whenever taking care of your hair..

Article Credit to  VKOOL.COM

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